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Wrangled! TUG
The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts Kinect Star Wars DefJam Rapstar

The Guildhall @ SMU

Sneaky Games Triptych Games Nexon
Terminal Reality Gearbox Software

3DS Max Maya
Crazy Bump nDo2 xNormals
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects
Infernal Engine Unreal Development Kit Unity Source Dev
XBOX 360 XBOX 360 Kinect PC PS3 Wii WiiU

"Jessica is a valuable artist to have on any team. Through numerous projects she was fast and efficient, taking on complex tasks and completing them admirably. When she took on learning the effects tools, she quickly became proficient using a powerful, complicated system and ended up handling most of the effects work on our project. Jessica juggled numerous requests from nearly everyone on the team and made sure each was accomplished. Her positive, upbeat attitude is infelicitous. I recommend Jessica to any team looking for an artist. Her multi-disciplined skills are invaluable to any team."
-Justin Miller, Level Designer at Terminal Reality

There's no doubt that making games is fantastic. Building worlds for people to explore and then destroy zombies and aliens in? It's a pretty great way to spend a day. My passion is making art that breathes life into the game world and helps define or even guide how a player understands the playspace they are in.

I've been a part of making 15 games in the last 7 years, although I've been working with particles and FX for over 9 years now. I'm a graduate of The Guildhall @ SMU's Art program, where I've recently done a stint as an Adjunct Lecturer corrupting shaping young minds. Prior to VFX I was an Environmental Artist building assets that shaped the game space, so I have a particular fondness for environmental FX. I also love tuning material shaders to achieve the best balance between aesthetics and performance- always with the end goal of immersion for the player.

Recently I ran a succesful Kickstarter for my card game Wrangled!

If you have questions, comments, or tips, please drop me a line at geekthumb@gmail.com , Google+, or on Twitter as @geekthumb. I also have a very sparse and terrible tumblr. with random screens and updates on TUG, so don't miss making fun of me there too!

-Jessica Nida